enchanted origin
Enchanted origin is an installation about the all connecting water and that smells like the Ems. The paper objects in the installation hide the sounds of the riverdelta.

The distance between the objects invites the viewer to walk between them and thus to take a role in the work as an observer. In the dark flashlights are available to read the text fragments on the plates and spoons; eating stories, the table is set.

A stimulating journey through construction and decline.

The text fragments can be personal dreams of the creator of the work, the names of the flooded villages of the Dollard, local sagas; for example of the passage of souls to Engelland.

Layer upon layer; the work is built up with Ems sludge. The color and smell of the dredged stream that was once two and a half meters deep at high tide and is now being excavated to 16 meters is present. Industry, coal and holiday ships make the Eemsdelta a drab yellow swirling mass.

Still the enchanted origin is hidden in the silt.