enchanted room

The enchanted room is an installation appearing in many forms.

It can contain dripping ink on white pillows, rolled up mattresses on iron forged beds, holes in the ground, flickering images of the sun-moon, video and sound.

The concept which binds all these elements together is the longing for enchantment. The memory of mother Hulda who helps us go through live.

Unreadable dreams are on the pillows everywhere, the rhythmic sound of the dripping ink tries to make a connection between heaven and earth. While the sun-moon is constantly shining.

Mother Hulda can't be far away, supplied by the water of the Ems, coming from the Teutoburgerwald where she origins.
Coldam Germany
Portiersloge Groningen
Blokhuispoort Leeuwarden
Groninger culturele ambassade
cbk Groningen during LF2018